KBS Shafts

While in Orlando, I saw a lot of terrific products from amazing companies. KBS Shafts is one of these companies. They have been in the golf game for some time now and the brand has seen quite the evolution. Kim Braly and his father formed Precision Shaft Corporation which eventually became Royal Precision. If you remember the introduction of “Frequency Matching” and the stepless steel shaft Rifle these were patents of Mr. Braly (the son of an engineer and golfer).


KBS S-Taper at the KBS Booth 2017 PGA Show

FEMCO steel co-founders approached Mr. Braly about designing a premier, high-performance steel shaft and FST was born. To this day, I remember playing a set of irons that I made (Maltby heads) with FST 90 shafts installed. In 2008, the birth of Kim Braly Signature (KBS) shafts was born and along with it was the creation of the long-time stalwart KBS Tour golf shaft frequently seen on the likes of the PGA Tour, PGA European Tour and so on.  KBS Tour would see a variety of models that includes the C-Taper, Hi-Rev and newcomers to the line-up the S-Taper (pictured above) and a KBS Hybrid both of which caught my attention at the 2017 PGA Show. Below is a press release from the company about their wedge shaft being played by the 2016 Player Of The Year.

“Add 2016 Player of the Year to the impressive list of KBS Golf Shafts’ wins this year. Throughout this season, KBS has been on the forefront of high profile wins and finishes on Tour. In just 22 starts, the Player of the Year had a TOUR-best 15 top-10 finishes with 21 made cuts in addition to his three wins, including a Major with KBS shafts in all three of his wedges. The difference this year in taking his game to Player of the Year status has been his precise wedge game serving as a big key to his success. His wedge shaft of choice that was played all season is the KBS Tour 120 Stiff-Flex in the Custom Black Nickel Finish. This shaft is known for its stability, playability, and signature KBS feel which is crucial in attaining a game-winning score. It is ideal for players who desire shot versatility and a mid-trajectory, and it is available in both taper and parallel tip (5 weights in taper tip and 3 in parallel). The KBS Tour shaft offers a smooth and responsive feel while remaining a low-mid spin shaft. KBS would like to extend our congratulations on his success this year.”
Kim Braly Quote: “KBS is based on fitting and performance. We have the best designed product in the shaft category and we have the system and necessary products that address all different kinds of swing types. It’s a system that allows KBS to dial the player in regard to all aspects of their game; no other company in our category can make that statement. It’s our job at KBS Golf Shafts to educate and stress the importance of fitting every day to fitters, instructors, players, caddies, and coaches.”

Photo Credit: KBS Shafts

 Until The Next Tee!

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