Orlando Trip – Travel Day

So after a little bit of planning and anxiously awaiting my date of departure to Orlando it finally happened. Travel Day!!! Before leaving for Orlando from home (Niagara Falls… on the good side) I had a number of stops to make. After having breakfast with my family, stopping to get a case of Ketchup flavored potato chips (for my family in Plant City, Florida) and making my way to Costco to pick up my buffet of medication I was on my way. I just wanted to get on the road. I was going to fly Southwest but cancelled my flight. Freedom!!


Woo Hoo! On my way!


Much to my surprise in the days leading up to leaving for the PGA Show I checked the forecast in cities along my route. It looked like the weather was going to be fair, no snow in sight and for all intents and purposes I was looking at clear sailing. I crossed into the U.S. at Fort Erie and eased through Pittsburgh until I made my first stop just outside of West Virginia. I think it was in Wayne-something, Pennsylvania. A top-up of fuel and a phone call to my bank later I was underway. As the song says “over the hills and through the woods” to Virginia I topped up fuel at a Flying J and treated myself to 3 peanut butter cookies, a large coffee and a bag of hot and spicy pork rinds. Nothing says road trip like a diet such as this. I was going to sleep at this location but I was suddenly perked up by my walk. I was feeling really energized and continued my trip. I made Charlotte, NC in good time and somewhere in South Carolina I pulled over at a rest area and hunkered down for some sleep. I would wake up three hours later and continue my trip.


Somewhere in Pennsylvania

Upon waking up I felt good or at least I thought I did. It wasn’t too long until I felt real groggy and realized that driving was not a good idea (after unknowingly dropping to a speed of 75 km/h). Off of the I-95 I immediately went and settled down in the parking lot of a BP gas station. As I write this I forget the name of the town that I was in. A few hours later I woke up, fueled up with some coffee from Dunkin Donuts after all “America runs on Dunkin”  (I should write jingles). Now I’m good after sipping on the proverbial nectar of the Gods and I meandered through Georgia inwardly smiling at the salt marshes of the low country. Finally I crossed into Florida. I made it!! I stopped at the “Welcome Center” and enjoyed some fresh squeezed orange juice.


The nectar of the Gods

I figured that since I was passing the area I would make good of part of my reasoning for driving down to Florida. In St. Augustine, Florida lies not only Ponce de Leon’s “Fountain of Youth” but it also happens to be the home of The World Golf Hall of Fame. The property is magnificent and if you’re a golf fan or a sports fan in general  you have to make the stop here. I would elaborate more on “The Hall” but I am going to do a separate article on it. I would spend 3.5 hours here and then finish my drive. I made it to the I-4 and begun the trek through Orlando. Orlando with all of the construction was really tough “sledding”. Congestion as far as the eyes could see. Eventually it cleared up (well outside of the Disney cutoff) and again I was flowing nicely in the traffic. Forty minutes later I arrived at Bobbi and Joe’s, had a shower, went out to hunt rocks (it’s a neat concept in Plant City, Florida that residents take part in) enjoying new sights.Medication and dinner later it was time for a good sleep.



Travel day was an excellent start to my PGA Show trip. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip has to offer. Stay tuned.


“The Hall”

*** I should add that at all times my eyes were on the road. The use of a Bluetooth remote was employed.Safety first!!!

Until The Next Tee!!


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