As most people that follow the golf industry are aware the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show is just around the corner. The trip to Orlando has almost become an annual pilgrimage for yours truly. It is a “who’s who” of what’s new and exciting in the golf industry.


On Sunwing Airlines over the Clearwater area last January

As stated before I love to go because it gives a chance to meet and network with plenty of like-minded people. I am going down a little advance of the show to make some swings on grass… albeit mostly dormant Bermuda grass. I always have to adjust for playing on Bermuda especially down there where sand in the soil is so prevalent. This is even more important when it comes to pitching and chipping… the gnarly blades of grass can trap the hosel so quickly and ruin a good effort. Rolling some putts on Bermuda is also a very good idea too. It’s so different compare to bent grass. In a lot of cases putting surfaces are Bermuda Tif Dwarf. Many times northerners dislike Bermuda greens for a multitude of reasons… but usually culminating with its general graininess. I happen to prefer Bermuda because the grass is what it is. Just expect slower putts in the afternoon.


In 2016, Wilson Staff introduced FLX Face with their c200 irons. They’ve brought flexy back in their 2017 D300 irons.

In preparation for the show I am lining up the manufacturers that I want to visit. Or shall I say that I have to visit. In the meantime for you… my readers… do you have any requests? Is there an apparel brand, shoe brand, or piece of equipment that would you like me to cover? Subscribe and drop me a line and let me know.


Until The Next Tee!!

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