According to the dictionary evolution is defined as “the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form”. Evolution can be many things when it comes to golf. It can be a swing change, a change in lifestyle, a change in thinking or countless other things. All of which I have undergone including the latter two since December. But it was time to change my blog. Welcome to the next tee! Or shall I say Until The Next Tee”? The new “Home of Organic Golf Reviews”.


So what is “Until The Next Tee” about. This little spot nestled away in the green spaces of the internet is where you will find articles on everything golf. Whether it’s current events from the golf industry, news from the worldwide tours, tips that might help your game or reviews of the latest equipment, apparel or training aids you will find it here. I may share my opinion on things from time to time. If there is one thing that I promise it’s that you will find nothing but the most honest unbiased reviews on the internet.


About me. Well, I’m about to turn 45 years old in 7 days. I love to fly fish and I can be found on a piece of water casting the depths. When I’m not on the water I can be found enjoying the outdoors usually with my soon to be 5-year-old Labrador Retriever. When I’m not engaging in these activities this is where golf enters into the equation. I am the first to admit that I was not drawn to golf from birth. As a matter of fact I  am what you would call a “late-bloomer”. I never discovered the game until well into my twenties. Although I did have a brush with a legend.


In the summer of 1996 I was recovering from a very serious car accident where I suffered a severe spinal trauma. Essentially, I had no use of my limbs for a couple of weeks. Eventually I recovered and returned to the work force where I lived in Hamilton, Ontario. I was employed as a security officer and worked midnight shifts in a dirty, grungy scrapyard. I was coming off of a night shift and I was downtown around a mall area called “Jackson Square”. There is a hotel (or two) nestled in the same complex. That summer, the du Maurier Open (then the Senior PGA) was being played at Hamilton Golf and Country Club. On this particular morning out of the hotel (Sheraton as I recollect) out came a silvery-haired gentleman that I recognized from television and ads in Sears. It was the late legend Mr. Arnold Palmer who left our links down here for the one’s above. Mr. Palmer greeted me with a “Good Morning” and we ended up chatting about the weather, Canada and nothing in particular. He talked to me like I was a long-time friend of his. It was a lasting impression that I will never forget and ultimately that chance meeting led me to golf. Numerous health issues would chase me out of sports that I played at a decent level but lingering in the corner was golf. I would take up the game and we got along famously immediately. So here we are several years later and there is no doubt that the game of golf has consumed me. I am not only addicted to the game but I am also very passionate. I have played professionally on Mini-Tours (I now have a goal of PGA Tour Champions.. it’s only 5 years away) and recently I served as the Director of Golf Services after several years as an assistant under my coach.



I  love everything about the game. It’s the smell of the fresh-cut grass topped off with the sweet dewy nectar, it can be the sounds of mower blades or Eastern Bluebirds singing. But it’s also ever-changing. Never are two rounds identical and the game is challenging and rewarding. It can also frustrate you and bring you to your knees.I have maintained for a long time that you must have some sadomasochistic tendencies to truly enjoy everything that golf is. So please come spoil a nice walk with me. Hopefully I see you on the next tee.

Until The Next Tee!!

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